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holy-words2Today’s climate is getting contaminated due to man’s day-dreaming desires. Hypocritical, proud, and arrogant, living in delusion and clinging to deluded ideas, insatiable in their desires, the man pursues its unclean ends. Man is getting knotted himself and engrossed under his own selfishness because of his own repulsive feelings for others by using the trap of sentences full of dishonesty and adulteration exploiting the words such as love, faithfulness, integrity or truthfulness.

The principle of Karma is “As you sow, so you reap”. What you expect from others, same conduct is to be bestowed on others, only then inner intuitive peace will be experienced. In today’s ambiance, the significance of heart is less evident, while the commotion of so-called mental or intellectual jugulary is more apparent. Unquestionably, any action carried out by applying only mind is full of selfish gains, while any action carried out by applying Heart is full of untainted sentiments and kind feelings, and becomes the part of God’s recreation.

The string of Heart is unified obviously with Sachchidnand [Sat-Chit-Anand] – the Supreme Being. Remains inflexible in himself is only a Heart-oriented Man by respecting the virtues of Time, Self and Restraint, who accomplishes a poignant act which embraces “Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina” [May All Beings are Happy], “Sarva Khalu Idam Brahma” [Whatever is subsisting around is Brahman only].

Only a Heart-oriented Man is naturally inherent and instinctive. In Treta Yug, King Vibhishan was heart-oriented, “Kaalnemi” was mind-oriented; the end result of both are known to you. Similarly, were the instances of Goddess Sita and that of Tadka. In Dwapar Yug, it was, Krishna and Radha, Sudama and Duryodhana.

Therefore, present time’s ominous need is the virtuous heart-oriented conduct. Heartlessness is the cause of formation of entire sorrow in the world. Therefore, the imperative need is to initiate from your own house. Let the atmosphere of your house be fragrant with your endeavour of kindheartedness and your pleasant language full of tenderness and free from deceit, so that in consequence not only your own house, but your neighborhood, your’ village, your town, your city and then your country is fragrant and illuminated with our own very Indian spiritual foundation; consequentially fetching the rightful succession to Salvation and abode to God’s Own eternal and infinite Kingdom.

“Sabka Malik Aik” [One is Lord of All] – The most reverend Almighty has created the entire human race to cooperate and facilitate each other. He who helps and endeavours for others is a “Devta” [God] and that, who uses others for his own selfish motives, is a callous Inhuman. “Parkaryam Sadhnoti Sadhu”, Sadhu, i.e., a good benevolent human who helps others. “Swakaryam Sadhyet Dheeman”, those who use others for self-gains can be called only as “selfish minded” but not Sadhu. Today there are more intellect-jugular than kindhearted Sadhu. But remember, Man’s important target has to be “Atmano Mokshartham Jagad-hitaay-cha” – Salvation with World’s Benefit.

Swami Sarvanand Saraswati

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