International Bhajansukhseva Mission


The mission was established by Swami Sarvanand on 16th Feb. 1981 at Delhi. Under the auspices of the institution, an Ashram named Mahashakti Peeth was constructed at 15. Sukhdev Vihar, Mathura Road, New Delhi (India).

The main objectives and functions of the International Bhajansukh Seva Mission are:

  • To persevere for development of humanity in the moral, social, physical, cultural, intellectuals and spirituals fields without any discrimination on ground of race, colour, religion, sex or nationality.
  • To develop goodwill and brotherhood in the society, by evolving mutual relationships based on love, fraternity and humanity.
  • To extend cooperation to socially and mentally” backward people through financial assistance or scholarships.
  • To train devotees, discipline, mendicants, saints and great persons in yoga and Vedant so as to develop a feeling of selfless service and patriotism within them whereby they can help to promote social welfare and human progress.
  • To open Hospitals, Dispensaries and First Aid centres.
  • To invite saints, yogis, sanyasis and learned people to participate in discourses, seminars, etc.
  • To establish in India and abroad, Spirituals Consciousness centres and to help and treat mentally disbalanced as well as sick person, through meditation.
  • To save natural wealth; to preserve forest life; to establish zoos, museum etc. and to run them well.
  • To publish and reprint such books, magazines, newspapers, journals, reports and other literature, which leads to the fulfillment of the Mission’s objectives.The mission was established by Swami Sarvanand Saraswati on 16th February 1981 at Delhi.
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