Our Ashrams


Under the guidance of Swamiji this revered ashram, famously known as the Mahashakti Peeth, has been set up in the heart of Sir Edwin Lutyen Delhi. The Ashram is home to various activities under the auspicious guidance of Swamiji including social, cultural, spiritual, intellectual and religious.


Spread over thirty acres, this Ashram established by IBSM is located in the tranquil countryside adjoining a motorable road near Ballabhgarh (Haryana). The ashram houses a Women’s Training School for Handicrafts and a children’s Health Care Centre apart from its other activities. It has facilities for residence of devotees, and agricultural labor, and for prayer and meditation. A library cum reading room has also been provided on the Ashram premises. The address of Ashram is : Bharati Kanan, Ballabhgarh – Sarmathla Sohna Road (8km.), District Gurgaon, P.O. Sirmathla, Haryana State, India.


There is yet another Ashram called Sarveshwar Temple Bharti Shree Peetham, built by the Mission, together with a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva (Sarveshwar). Both the temple and the ashram are located at 1, Nelson Mandela Road, VasantKunj, New Delhi-110070.

The Sarveshwar Temple Bharti Shree Peetham” which is dedicated to Lord Ardhanarishwar, the symbol of unity, love, peace and understanding. It houses meditation halls, homeopathic, allopathic and ayurvedic dispensaries and a library to preserve old manuscripts and sacred texts. The Temple also accommodates the University of Esoteric Sciences comprising Vastu Shastra, Joyotish Vidya, Aryurveda, Yoga and Karam Kanda rituals & practices.

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