About Swamiji

His Holiness Swami Sarvanand Saraswati is blessed name among the people of higher motives engaged in mission for human and environmental development.

Swamiji has attracted a large number of intellectuals, teachers and social workers and has motivated them to work for the promotion of human rights, moral values, social harmony and social discipline. He has launched many projects to render service to the poor students and girls. His mission is a unique mission – to link spirituality with social responsibility. He has made people socially more responsible towards others, better citizens and happily tolerant. His spirituality is thus not only confined to the private efforts of an individual.

  • M.A.(Philosophy & Psychology)
  • Vedantacharya, French Higher Diploma
  • Mantra, Mani, Herbal & Vastu Specialist
  • Vedic Philosophy, Comparative Study of Religious and Philosophical Thoughts.
  • Working on Buddhisim, Hinduism and Islam, and their Human implications.
  • Mantra, Mani, Herbal & Vastu Specialist.
  • Shrishivdurgaji (Goddess of power)
  • Shriyantram (Power of Wealth, Unity, Love)
  • How to learn in Mother’s womb
  • Meditation & will power
  • Religion and superstitions
  • Save ecology and environment

Other Activities

swamiji_activitiesFounder / President
International Bhajan Sukhsewa Mission, New Delhi. India

Bhartisreepeeetham University, New Delhi, India

Founder / President
Sarvananad, New Delhi, India

All India Quami Ekta Committee, New Delhi, India
Member, Board of Directors
OISCA International, Tokyo, Japan
National Afforestation & Eco Development Board, India

Bhajan Sukhsewa Mission, U.S.A., U.K., Canada, France

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